• The Future of Surveying – Accurate Photogrammetry made easy!

  • User benefits

    •  Affordable and easy to use without complicated setup
    •  Ease of transport
    •  Rapid data acquisition
    •  Safe & reliable
    •  Minor on-site intrusion
    •  Wide range of flying conditions: can fly under clouds and in strong winds
    •  Launch and land regardless of terrain
    •  Integration with leading processing software
    •  Reduction of human access to reduce health and safety risks
  • Application areas

    • Surveying;
    • Cadastral photogrammetric mapping;
    • Civil Engineering;
    • Mining industry;
    • Agriculture and Environmental mapping;


    • Accurate bridge & dam wall deformation mapping;
    • Waste management and recycling;
    • Post disaster mapping;
    • Corridor mapping; pipeline surveys;
    • Powerline and utility;


    • Monitoring of difficult-to-access and dangerous areas;
    • Assessment of hazardous situations prior to committing personnel;
    • Reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition.
  • Unique feature: Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount (DSAM)


    The TopoDrone-4Scight features revolutionary Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount (DSAM) which compensates for “aggressive” flight movements, eliminating camera geometry errors during flight and thus removing the need to correct these in post processing data.


    The Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount (DSAM) is designed with an integrated protective door which is closed during launch and landings, and can be activated at any time of the flight sortie.

  • Unique feature: Direct Georeferencing Solution L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2)


    The TopoDrone-4Scight is easily upgradable for Direct Georeferencing L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2) – mapping with no ground control!

    We have developed our Direct Georeferencing Solution which uses L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2) on board of our TopoDrones, synchronised to the nano-second of the camera shutter. It ensures accurate positioning of each photograph.

    Differential GPS post-processing is then used to obtain the accurate camera positions which are then used in photogrammetric aerial triangulation.


    • mapping larger areas (which may require several flight sorties to cover the full area of mapping)
    • reduction/full elimination of ground survey control points: when ground survey control needs to be reduced to only one or two points or when ground survey control points are not used at all
    • mapping “challenging” terrain: when the terrain to be mapped is more “challenging” for the type of coverage and therefore the pixel matching (such as dense forests, coastal mapping, etc.)


    • dramatic improvement in mapping accuracy
    • significant reduction of processing time
    • highest quality of overall photogrammetric mapping


    Click here to download our Direct Georeferencing Solution brochure. Click to VIEW

  • Unique feature: Stereo mapping and 3D “heads-up” digitising

    Stereo mapping and 3D “heads-up” digitising by DroneMetrex

    Our Drone Mapping System provides a unique opportunity for stereo mapping: from the start the imagery can be viewed and digitised in true 3D “heads-up” mode.

  • Output products

    Output products include: high density point cloud, accurate imagery (digital orthophotos, digital seamless orthophoto mosaic of the whole area), volumes and profiles, Digital Terrain Model (DTM) – Bare Earth, Digital Surface Model (DSM), contours, 3D photogrammetric “heads-up” feature digitising, digitised linework (kerbings, roof tops, GIS assets, etc.), which can be fed into the design and planning process for industrial applications:



  • 4Scight detailed specifications



    • Ducted Electric Quadrotor
    • Take-off Weight: 2.5 – 3 kg
    • Cruise speeds: 5 – 10 m/s
    • Endurance: 15 – 20 minutes
    • Smart Batteries < 100Wh for airline carry-on
    • 1GHz Linux processor and digital datalink
    • Wind tolerance: up to 20 knots
    • Flight Dimensions: 64 x 56 x 25 cm
    • Case Dimensions: 72 x 50 x 32 cm
    • Time to deploy: < 1 min


    DSLR Surveying Payload

    • Actively stabilized 2-axis brushless gimbal
    • 20.1MP Exmor™ APS-C HD CMOS sensor
    • Maximum area coverage per flight:
      • with 2.5cm GSD: up to 60Ha;
      • with 1.5cm GSD: up to 30Ha;
    • Mapping positional accuracy:
      • 2cm in XY and 2,5cm in Z;


    Ground Station

    • Case Dimensions
    • Pre-flight Mission Planning Software
      • Define GSD & image overlap
      • Visualize coverage and flight path
      • Estimate flight times per mission
    • Post-flight Data Management Software
      •  PPK GPS corrections
      •  Direct georeferencing
      •  Image syncing & tagging
    • Pix4Scight Mapping Software
      • Powered by Pix4D Mapper Pro