• Technical Specifications


    1. 24MP calibrated full-frame camera modified by Dronemetrex
    2. Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount (DSAM)
    3. Direct Georeferencing L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2) Antenna, aligned with Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount (DSAM) axis
    4. All NEW! Maptek FlightControl on Motion Tablet R12
    5. Kevlar nose
    6. Large access Kevlar protective cap
    7. Automated protective doors
    8. Pitot air speed tube
    9. Quick release wing latch
    10. Carbon fiber folding propeller
  • 24 MP calibrated full-frame camera modified by DroneMetrex


    The TopoDrone-100 comes with a 24 Mp (6000 x 4000) high resolution camera. The camera is custom modified for high accurate aerial mapping. It has a 35mm Zeis lens, full frame CMOS sensor 5.9µm and leaf shutter.

    By using the same camera and simply changing three separate filters the following types of aerial imagery can be captured:

    • Natural colour imagery (RGB);
    • Near Infra Red (NIR) imagery;
    • Bathymetric – mapping under water; designed specifically for water penetration and bathymetric mapping


    Near infrared natural colour under water bathymetric filters for mapping drones from DroneMetrex


    Click here to download our Extended Spectrum Mapping brochure. Click to VIEW

  • Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount (DSAM)


    The revolutionary Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount (DSAM) houses the custom modified camera and provides the necessary movements of the camera relative to the airframe flight versus the mapping direction requirements. Designed with an integrated protective door that is closed during launch and landings, and can be activated at anytime of the flight sortie from the Motion R12 tablet with Maptek FlightControl. The DSAM and custom modified camera are integrated and controlled via Maptek Flight software.




  • Direct Georeferencing L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2) Antenna


    The Direct Georeferencing L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2) Antenna is mounted directly above the centre of axis to Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount (DSAM) – minimum “lever-arm” correction for highest accuracy photogrammetry. The antenna is synchronised to the nano-second of the camera shutter to achieve required mapping accuracies. Differential GPS post-processing is then used to obtain the accurate camera positions. DGS unique features:

    • No need for ground survey control points
    • Used for larger mapping areas (requires only one flight sortie to cover the full area of mapping)
    • Used for mapping of “challenging” types of terrain and therefore effective pixel matching (such as dense forest, coastal mapping, etc.)

    DGS advantages:

    • Dramatically improves mapping accuracy
    • Reduces data processing time
    • Significantly improves quality of photogrammetric mapping

    Click here to download our Direct Georeferencing Solution brochure. Click to VIEW

  • All NEW! Maptek FlightControl on Motion Tablet R12

    Maptek FlightControl V1.0 includes:

    Motion R12 Tablet with 8Gb SDRam, 256 Gb SSD, Intel i7 quad core processor, Windows 8.1
    Work Anywhere field Kit
    Spare R12 Battery (“hot” swappable)


    The Maptek FlightControl software in combination with the DroneMetrex autopilot firmware ensures that each photo is captured and displayed in nadir pointing position regardless of the tip and tilt of the airframe. It controls the movement of the DMX-DSP to counter react and compensate for the airframe tips and tilts. The side wind effect is also compensated so that each and every photo taken is in parallel with the mapping direction regardless of the flight direction, drone body movements, and wind effects. Further the software is designed for pre-flight project mission planning and also for real-time telemetry control of the flight and photogrammetry mission.


    • Considers the terrain heights
    • Controls the active camera mount compensation
    • Ensures each photo is captured with the predetermined overlap, both forward and side
    • Records the GPS synchronization of exact photo coordinates with camera shutter to nanosecond precision
    • Via telemetry, accurately guides the drone for photogrammetric autonomous flying
    • Live update of each photo footprint with overlap report.


    Maptek FlightControl for the TopoDrone-100 is available only on the Motion R12 ruggedised tablet PC. We have developed the software and tailored Maptek FlightControl to the Motion R12 tablet because it has the advantages of:

      • Very bright and high contrast screen optimised for field use
      • Truly “ruggedized”
      • Good PC performance/speed
      • Touch screen and high resolution graphics
      • “motion” capabilities will be integrated in near future for “motion” control of the TopoDrone via telemetry – by moving the Tablet (pitch, roll, speed)


    • Completely new Flight Control interface with new features such as:
      • Job Planning on 3D Terrain
      • Pre-flight Checks systematically on Tablet as part of digital workflow
      • “Live” display of mapping footprint and overlap quality, taking into account the gimbal and terrain height variations
      • “Live” confirmation of camera photos during mission
      • New auto landing interaction via tablet to drone
    • Future data processing via Maptek FlightDeck can be initiated on the Tablet, and completed on office desktop PC, with synchronisation of the processing stage (start on Tablet – travel – complete on workstation).


  • Kevlar nose


    The Kevlar nose is specifically designed to fit the TopoDrone-100 body and to give the nose section extra protection. It also gives extra protection and increases the survival expectancy of the TopoDrone-100 airframe during the landing phase in challenging terrain.

  • Large access Kevlar protective cap


    The large access Kevlar protective cap is designed to give the TopoDrone-100 airframe much better aerodynamics and flight behaviour. It also results in less weight which prolongs the flight endurance of the TopoDrone-100 with the same batteries. The DGS antenna is built into the cap for better alignment with the camera to achieve high accuracy and fast generation photo coordinates of each photo frame. The Kevlar protective cap can be easily and quickly removed from the TopoDrone-100 airframe which ensures quick access to the camera and the batteries.

  • Automated protective doors



    The automated protective doors are specifically designed to protect the 24 Mp high resolution camera during take offs and landings. The doors can be activated at anytime of the flight sortie from the Motion R12 tablet with Maptek FlightControl.



  • Pitot air speed tube


    The pitot air speed tube is attached to the outer part of the TopoDrone-100 body. It is an additional feature complementing and supplementing the GPS air speed and it can serve as an independent redundant air speed source.

  • Quick release wing latch



    Quick release wing latches are specifically designed to make assembly of the TopoDrone-100 easier and faster. At the same time it is an extra securing option of the wing.

  • Folding Propeller


    The folding feature ensures safe belly landing of the TopoDrone-100 as well as it minimises the risk of damaging of the propeller. It also reduces the wind drag during the landing approach.

    Propellers are specifically tuned for the motor and the TopoDrone-100 airframe. Additionally, each set of propellers are precisely and uniquely balanced to ensure vibration-free flights.

  • TopoDrone-100 overview


    • Configuration: fixed-wing UAV system powered by electric motor
    • Weight: 4,5 kg, including payload
    • Dimensions: wing span 2m; length 90cm; height 25cm
    • Endurance/range: 40 minutes
    • Launching: catapult launcher
    • Landing: belly landing or optional net recovery
    • Cruise speed: 60km/hr
    • Mapping positional accuracy: 25mm in X, Y, Z
    • Camera GSD: 2,5 cm at 400ft