The TopoDrone photogrammetric mapping systems capture detailed airborne data with unparalleled accuracy: 10mm horizontal and better than 25mm in height!

We have started from fundamental accurate photogrammetric mapping principles – and designed, integrated and built Drone Mapping Systems (TopoDrone-100 and TopoDrone-500) specifically for accurate, repetitive, reliable mapping.

We rigorously account for all of the known photogrammetric errors due to our unique hardware and software photogrammetric solutions.

The TopoDrones are built, serviced, maintained and upgraded in Australia on our premises.


Benefits for the industries

  • Cost-efficient yet the most reliable complete solution to capture and process aerial data
  • Light weight requires minimum security and flying clearances
  • Significant reduction of Health and Safety issues and risks: the TopoDrones can be launched and landed “off-site” where currently engineers, surveyors, technicians need to be “on-site” such as open cut mines, quarries, refuse stocks, etc.
  • Import, view, and assess all data in true 3D
  • Efficient workflow enables survey to maximise productivity


Unique in-house developed hardware and software photogrammetric solutions

We integrate all the hardware components and have developed our own software embedded into the autopilot firmware to control our Dynamic-stabilised Active Mount, GPS synchronisation and even temperature recording for accurate pixel sensor distortions.


  • TopoDrone-100

    • Configuration: fixed-wing UAV system powered by electric motor
    • Weight: 4,5 kg, including payload
    • Dimensions: wing span 2m; length: 80cm; height 20cm
    • Endurance/range: 1 hour

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  • TopoDrone-500

    • Configuration: fixed-wing UAV system powered by petrol engine
    • Weight: 20 kg, including payload
    • Dimensions: wing span 3.5m; length 2m; height 40 cm
    • Endurance/range: 1,5 hour

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