• Training Programs

    We are pleased to offer our customers a full range of Training Programs that are specifically tailored to meet their needs. The Training Programs are conducted at our field site in South Australia. As an alternative, we can offer our Training Programs at our Client’s site, at different geographic locations of the world. (Site access and flight approval to be endorsed by client).

  • Program 101

    TopoDrone Training

    Designed to ensure that pilots are fully proficient in:

    • launches
    • landings
    • abort flight situations
    • safety and risk analysis
    • pre-flight and post-flight procedures and inspections
    • minor routine maintenance proficiency
    • manual, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous flying

    The TopoDrone-100 requires a minimum of 5 hours of training for flight operations for a student who is already an experienced Remote Control (RC) pilot. If a pilot has no RC skills, then this will require additional flight hours (Program 060).

  • Program 050

    Mission Planning and Ground Control Station Training

    Designed to ensure that the controller is proficient in:

      • UAV flight mission planning
      • mapping efficiency planning
      • resolutions, accuracies, flying heights, flight endurance
      • safety aspects of flights
      • autonomous flight control via telemetry
      • defining “loiter”, “home” and “safe abort” zones
      • “live” flight parameter changes via telemetry
      • post flight data analysis – flight and image data
      • data download and checking
      • pre-planned flight simulation

    The Mission Planning and Ground Control Station require 5 hours of training for a person with geospatial background.

  • Program 060

    General Remote Control Piloting

    Companies may feel it prudent to obtain some further skills of their field staff in general remote control piloting. If so, DroneMetrex is able to assist. We have pilots with many years of experience in flying and training on RC aircrafts.

    Depending upon the client’s staff current skill level, they may wish to obtain, improve or simply augment their existing skills with additional manual flight lessons via DroneMetrex.

    Designed to ensure that pilots are fully proficient in:

      • RC flight take offs
      • RC flight landings
      • RC true and steady flight path
      • RC manual control proficiency for procedural turns, climbs, descends, maintaining set altitude
      • RC flight stall recovery
      • RC flight safety
  • Program 201

    Data Processing Workflow

    Designed to ensure that data processors are fully proficient in:

    • Post flight data import
    • DGS data reduction
    • Photogrammetric Aerial Triangulation with TopoDrone-100 data
    • 3D Point Cloud data editing, analysis and verification
    • Data outputs including contours, grids, and seamless orthophoto mosaics