DroneMetrex welcomes Mena3D as exclusive reseller in Middle East Region and North Africa

DroneMetrex is pleased to announce that it has awarded Mena3D with Exclusive Reseller Agreement. From now on Mena3D will market and sell high accurate photogrammetric UAV systems TopoDrones in Middle Eastern Region and North Africa.

Dr.Khaled El Nabbout, General Manager of Mena3D says: “We are committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge innovative Geospatial solutions that meet our clients’ needs in many application areas. We do believe that the TopoDrones will greatly compliment the range of Geospatial products we offer to our clients. To start with, the TopoDrones are the only true mapping UAV systems that capture and process aerial data with unparalleled mapping accuracy: 10mm horizontal and better than 25 mm in height. Our esteemed clients in Middle East and North Africa will greatly benefit from the The TopoDrone systems, as they are a powerful tool and a comprehensive solution to capture accurate Geospatial data and are grounded by utmost photogrammetric principles and mapping practices.”

Thomas Tadrowski, Managing Director of DroneMetrex states: “It is an honour to come into partnership with Mena3D. This company is a long-term key player in Geoinformatics market who understands the need and growing demand for rigorous accurate UAV mapping across numerous industries and business sectors. Thanks to Mena3D, Surveyors, Civil and Mine Engineers, and all those who use in their daily work high quality mapping data will have a chance to appreciate our TopoDrone systems.”

About DroneMetrex
DroneMetrex specialises in high accurate photogrammetric mapping using in-house built TopoDrones. The TopoDrones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) specifically designed and built by DroneMetrex as a powerful photogrammetric mapping tool to collect regular, repetitive, rapid and accurate geospatial data for the industries.

The TopoDrone photogrammetric mapping systems capture and process aerial data with unsurpassed mapping accuracy: 10mm horizontal and better than 25mm in height.

The TopoDrones use full-frame digital technology, a unique Dynamic-stabilised Mount to ensure that each and every photo is near-nadir and no “crab” (yaw), and highest quality lens.

Along with the TopoDrones Dronemetrex offers PPK Direct Georeferencing Solution (high accuracy L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2) for mapping without ground control and it also offers Extended Spectrum Mapping option to capture from the same camera NIR imagery, RGB imagery or perform underwater mapping.

DroneMetrex has proved to be the only UAV company in the world to develop from the start the true drone mapping system based on photogrammetric principles and only then adapt it to an airframe.

About Mena3D
Mena3D is a leading 3D solutions company focusing on bringing the latest 3D measurement knowledge and technology especially to the Middle East and North Africa region. Mena3D offers its customers complete solutions in the fields of metrology and geospatial that fit their application and supports to use them in an easy and simple way.

Offering products such as CMM, X-ray and CT inspection, portable and mobile measuring solutions, laser tracker, traditional surveying technology, Lidar technology, UAV/airborne scanning and the appropriate software, Mena3D is able to serve a broad range of industries. Customers from the Geospatial, automotive, aerospace, educational, and general industrial sectors have been trusting Mena3D from the very beginning.

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