DroneMetrex Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in the automatic, accurate and rigorous mapping using in-house designed and built systems – TopoDrones.

This provides cost-effective solutions to very expensive data acquired from a “manned” aircraft or similar platforms over areas that are not economically justified to be captured by such a large aircraft, or may be difficult and/or dangerous for “manned” aircrafts or vehicles or ground survey teams. For example, the regular volumes of stockpiles on open-cut mining sites or rubbish dump sites.

DroneMetrex is represented by an experienced team of digital mapping specialists from photogrammetric mapping, remote sensing, engineering and remote-controlled and autonomous flying of drones.

Because of constant mapping work done in very difficult terrain and hostile areas, particularly in Australia and Africa, we are very familiar and experienced for carrying such mapping projects; and for supplying and configuring complete modern mapping systems with appropriate training.

We have developed very sophisticated automated processing algorithms for speeding up the digital processing of aerial imagery and mapping. This allows us to use very little manpower but large computing resources.

Our systems can be installed anywhere in the world with our highly skilled team.